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Welcome to my world. Here are the colors and shapes that are the basis of my art and life. As an artist, I have chosen to paint the good life, longing for perhaps sometimes, happiness; images that create emotions. The painting subjects must bathe in color and my landscapes are ones of pure creativity, longing and joy; perhaps even mystery. The design language is more abstract, to exclude the unnecessary but to maintain the reference points which leaves the viewer the chance to dream and create their own world and experience in my art. There must be a desire and curiosity in my painting whether I'm painting in Tuscany, Spain, or Sweden; this comes out as love through paint and canvas. 

I have exhibited worldwide and am represented in many collections and public museums for over 35 years. Sometimes I arrange painting courses for the public and sometimes I even arrange dinners in my studio. You're most welcome to visit my studio in Stockholm, my beautiful artistic world. -AP

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